24 Hours in Melbourne

My brother and I spent twenty-four hours in Melbourne, Australia last year. What were we doing on the other side of the Earth for a day? I added it on as a little addition to our Gold Coast Getaway. Since the flight home was going to have a layover in Melbourne anyway, might as well make a day of it. A quick change to the itinerary and we had a 23 hour layover.

12:15pm Local time. Touchdown in Melbourne.

Step one, get out of the airport. Admittedly, this is the city’s biggest flaw as the airport has no public transport connection to the city. Your options are limited to Uber or a ticket on SkyBus to Southern Cross Station in the CBD. Luckily, buses depart every 15 minutes.

1:30pm The Hotel

Our journey had us staying at the InterContinental. We were greeted at the door by a bellhop who managed our bags. The concierge escorted us to check-in and later our room.

I redeemed an IHG free night voucher which worked out great. My Platinum Elite status also got us a free room upgrade. That means a larger room and a much larger balcony. This booking was quite a success.

Around Town

7:30pm A late dinner in.

Dinner came with quite the decision. In a city with so many great options, the concierge was able to get us reservations at one of the best steakhouses in town. However, lacking more formal attire in the suitcase and already being exhausted, we decided on room service.

9:00pm Pool time. The hotel has an incredible pool on the top floor. Tucked away next to the rooftop garden, the pool room has two walls and a roof that are all windows allowing. One of the most memorable experiences in the city was floating in that pool looking up at the city lights. 

Good morning, Melbourne

6:00am It’s time to see what the first half of the day can offer in this city. My brother’s highest priority was finding a quiet place for coffee, so wandering through laneways we went. Each little alleyway had a unique feel and aesthetic with ground to roof street art.

I had no idea why he was so obsessed with hitting the laneways, but once I took a seat in a cozy little cafe I instantly understood the appeal. 

After a perfect breakfast and walk around the city it was time to pack up and make the trek to the airport. 

12:30pm Back where it all began. We take our seats on the plane and get settled in for the long ride home. 

Final thoughts

This was a very welcome stop before saying goodbye to the lucky country. Of course Melbourne is a destination worthy of a full trip, but in just twenty-four hours we were able to get a glimpse at all that the city and Victoria has to offer. We will certainly be returning.

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